Prosecco Spumante DOC
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Prosecco Spumante DOC

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SCAVI & RAY PROSECCO SPUMANTE DOC is at its best when served at 8 – 10 °C in a prosecco glass. Can also be served on the rocks or as an ingredient in sparkling wine cocktails such as a Bellini, Hugo and Spritz.

SCAVI & RAY PROSECCO SPUMANTE DOC is pressed from white Glera grapes and comes from the protected Veneto growing region in the heart of northern Italy. Its intense perlage is the result of the longer fermentation process undergone by the Glera grapes. With an alcohol content of 11 % ABV, what makes this product special is its perlage with tiny fine bubbles of carbon dioxide. These are the result of the natural second fermentation in the tank. Extra dry in the mouth, clean on the palate, juicy and with a clearly discernible note of acidity. Subtle hints of fruit, citrus, apple, slightly mineral and smoky on the nose.

SCAVI & RAY PROSECCO SPUMANTE DOC looks good anywhere, whether it’s Fashion Week, an international red carpet event or the German Bundesliga VIP boxes.

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