Whisky Smoked Firecracker Cashews 65g
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Whisky Smoked Firecracker Cashews 65g

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The comforting and smooth texture of a cashew nut makes it ideal for smoking. They are also packed with minerals and vitamins... but not all cashews were created equally. Ours are sourced only from certified organic, agroforestory growers in India, ensuring a premium quality.

In our best-selling Whisky Smoked Firecracker Cashews we marry the tradition of Scotch with the contemporary taste of shichimi togarashi, a Japanese seven-spice blend of chilli pepper, sesame, seaweed and citrus. the warming umami heat builds slowly with each mouthful - of all our cashews, this would be the one to add sizzle while enjoying a light G&Tor refreshing lager.

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