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  • Agnes Arber Dry Gin
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Agnes Arber Dry Gin

Agnes Arber

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"ALL IS LIGHT & BRILLIANCY" - Charles Dickens Made with the same traditional method of gin distilling that was used in Agnes Arber's time, our gin is a convergence of nine studiously sourced botanicals and pure, clean alcohol.

Pour a measure of Agnes Arber Gin and the first thing you’ll notice is the heady scent of earthy Juniper on the nose.
Take a sip. Not a hint of artificial sweetness will you find. Just balance. Light and refreshing lemon and sweet orange at the fore, an unusual hint of liquorice and the warming finish you expect from a quality craft gin.
Agnes would be proud.

For the perfect serve, we recommend garnishing your Agnes Arber gin and tonic with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

The Botanicals
Angelica – Cassia – Coriander – Grapefruit – Iris – Juniper – Lemon – Liquorice - Orange