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  • Aviation American Gin
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Aviation American Gin

Aviation American Gin

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Founded in 2006, Aviation gin takes its name from the Aviation cocktail, which was created in the 1900s. The gin takes a Dutch style rye spirit base combined with with juniper, lavender, anise, sarsaparilla, orange peel and cardamom, and the botanicals are steeped in grain spirit for 48 hours before they are redistilled.

Aviation American Gin has been created specifically with cocktails in mind. A pioneer of the ‘New Western Dry’ style of gin now gaining popularity Aviation American Gin has a unique recipe focussing on a ‘Botanical Democracy’ rather than the standard dictatorial influence of juniper.

Aviation American Gin is a renegade regional style of gin- completely different from all other gins on the market. Full bodied with a weighty mouth feel and rich flavour profile Aviation American Gin makes the perfect base for cocktails including the Aviation cocktail first created in the early 1900’s- the cocktail after which we named our gin.