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Cairngorn Gin - Scottish Highland Gin (70cl, 43%)

Cairngorn Gin

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Cairngorm Gin is a premium Scottish dry gin which is made in batches of never more than 70 bottles.

Our Signature Gin combines the finest juniper, cloudberries, elderflower and Caledonian pine, which are partnered with coriander seed, orris root, sweet orange peel, angelica and kaffir lime to create this wonderfully refreshing aromatic gin.

Each bottle of our Cairngorm Gin is hand written with the bottle number, batch code and year of production.

A bold infusion of botanicals and Highland Mountain water resulting in a floral, fruity gin with subtle earthy tones. Our gin can be enjoyed neat over ice or paired with premium tonic, a slice of green apple, and garnished with raspberries and blackberries to enhance the unique cloudberry flavours.