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Cheshire Black Truffle Cheddar Truckle 150g

The Cheshire Cheese Company

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We bring you a taste experience you will remember forever! Our new Black Truffle (not chocolate) infused cheese is the pinnacle of Gourmet Luxury. Both Truffle oil and Truffle mince have been combined with our finest mature cheddar to create a unique, balanced truffle flavour. From the first taste, you will find that the flavour not only grows on you but rapidly becomes a desire for much more. This is an expensive luxury ingredient well worth treating yourself or your friends and family with. Please note this is a 150g truckle smaller than our others but rich and decadent. Let this cheese get to room temperature to allow the rich flavours to develop fully.

What do Black Truffles taste like? (this is not a chocolate truffle!)
Some describe the flavour as having a subtle woody, mushroom hint, whilst others say it has dark chocolate, almost nutty flavours. They are expensive because they cannot be cultivated and only grow naturally underground around the roots of some trees mainly found in Italy. Pigs or dogs are used to locate Truffles dug out carefully by hand; hence this is such an expensive and sought after ingredient.