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Cotswold Wotcha British Lager

Cotswold Brew Co

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‘Wotcha!’ – this is the cheery greeting we receive when we arrive at the brewery on a weekday morning. And the person responsible for delivering it is none other than our co-owner and brewer, Rick. This exclamation has carried some weight, particularly over the past year, because what better way is there to raise spirits and motivate the team during a pandemic than starting their day with a smile?

But enough with the sentiment for the moment, what about the beer? ‘WOTCHA’ is a celebration of British Lager – not solely on the basis that it is brewed by us, but we have gone British with the ingredients too. We have carefully selected a combination of three of our nation’s finest hop varieties – First Gold, Godiva and Ernest – as well as malted barley and wheat to help us demonstrate just how good British Lager can be!

So why not greet someone you know with a ‘WOTCHA!’ and make their day?