Single Malt Rum Cask Limited Release
The English Whisky Company

Single Malt Rum Cask Limited Release

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Limited Small Batch Release

There is nothing more reassuring in any down time, to see an old favourite back on the shelf. Originally known as chapter 7, and these days quite a bit older and far more refined, our small batch rum cask single malt whisky has been hand bottled by the team to keep you company in these trying times. “This whisky still reminds me of rum and raisin ice cream” says Andrew Nelstrop, Chairman.


Nose: Sweet, soft & slightly spicy. A mixture of vanilla and rum and raisin ice cream, fresh and citrusy with a notes of tropical fruits. Oaky and slightly nutty with a hint of marzipan.

Taste: Soft, oily and spicy, again with citrus notes. The spice is slightly peppery with a hint of raisins. Malty with fresh oak. Salty and dry on the finish.


70cl, 46% ABV


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