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Fallen Angel Triple Gift Pack

Fallen Angel

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Three 50ml miniatures with three unique liquids to challenge.

50ml of our 44.7% ABV herbal liqueur, 50ml of our new jet black 41.3% ABV spiced rum and 50ml of our latest liquid “FIREWATER”, a 44.7% ABV British Chilli Vodka. All bottled in our signature miniature heads. At Fallen Angel we believe in the most distinctive liquids and our DT4 Firewater is not for the faint hearted. Best served ice-cold, straight from the freezer and sipped over ice. A genuine taste sensation and only for those who can handle the heat.

All are parcelled together in our limited-edition gift set, including our unique white display box. The ideal way to try some of our liquids, the perfect gift and introduction to the Fallen Angel world.