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Globe Decanter with 2 Glasses Gift Set


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You might not be able to drink your way around the world, but you can definitely drink your way through it. How? Just by keeping your drink in the world, or, more specifically, this Globe Decanter!

This decanter is made from quality glass and marked with the continents of the globe. It sits in a wooden cradle and, with the help of your hand, can spin gently (much like your world after a few stiff drinks). This decanter also has a detailed glass ship in its centre, which takes up a modest amount of room, so don’t let anyone tell you it’s full of ship! Oh, and, to complete the effect, this decanter comes with 2 matching tumblers, complete with map markings.

So, if you are filled with the spirit of adventure, make sure you’re also filled with spirits from this stylish and tasteful Globe Decanter. Order yours today!


  • 1 x globe decanter
  • 1 x cradle
  • 2 x tumblers