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Hobsons Craft Beer 4 bottle gift box

Hobsons Brewery

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Old Henry is a premium British ale brewed with the finest local Maris Otter barley and Worcestershire hops – Goldings and Challenger. A rich auburn ale with complex malty flavours and a richness balanced by the clean hoppy finish.

Town Crier is a full-flavoured golden ale with a big voice. The elegant straw coloured bitter has a hint of sweetness which is complemented by subtle hop flavours leading to a dry finish. Brewed using locally sourced Maris Otter malting barley and Worcestershire Goldings and Progress hops.

Old Prickly is a pale ale full of hop flavour and brewed with Columbus and Lubelski hops to give this beer a complex flavour of floral and citrus notes. Locally sourced Maris Otter malting barley is used to brew this beer which has become a firm favourite and permanent beer.

Brewery: Hobsons Brewery Co.

ABV : Old Henry – 5.2%, Town Crier – 4.5%, Old Prickly – 4.2%

Style : Auburn Ale, Golden Ale, Pale Ale

Bottle Size : 500ml

Best Served : Slightly chilled