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  • Jaffa Cake Vodka 70cl
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Jaffa Cake Vodka 70cl

Jaffa Cake Vodka

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  • Made using full on, no fooling' Jaffa cakes alongside orange, fresh orange peel and cocoa powder
  • Nose: Massive waves of fresh orange segment jump right out of the glass, with a little touch of orange wine gums too. Sponge cake richness appears underneath citrus, offering a vanilla-rich backbone to the spirit. A little hint of chocolate grows after a minute in the glass.
  • Palate: Chocolate orange notes arrive at full volume on the palate, shortly followed by another helping of fresh citrus juices. Subtle touches of spicy dried peels linger in the background stop it from veering into overpowering sweetness.
  • Finish: Orange Fruit Pastilles, vanilla pod and just a touch of peppery spice last here.
  • Overall: It would be easy for this to be overwhelmingly sweet, but it maintains its pose and manages to not become immensely sugary and sickly.
  • 42% ABV