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  • Warwickshire Pugilist Spiced Blended Rum 20cl
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Warwickshire Pugilist Spiced Blended Rum 20cl

Warwickshire Gin Co

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Our 1st Rum is inspired by Randolph Turpin, who went down in British boxing history for sensationally winning the World Title from the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson earning himself the memorable nickname ‘The Leamington Licker’.  Born in Leamington of Guyana heritage, Turpin became a hero overnight! To commemorate this fabulous son of Leamington we are reaching to his Guyanan heritage and using Guyanan rum spirit a as our base and adding our special Warwickshire spice blend to create a warming, rich rum that will keep you wanting more!

Using the finest Guyanan Rum, we have rectified with nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice, orange peel, and finished off with Grade A vanilla to deliver a beautifully smooth mouth feel.