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Rockfall - Spiced Rum (70cl, 37.5%)


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Rockfall is handcrafted using bespoke copper stills to create a distinctively rich and beautifully smooth flavour. It is spiced to botanical perfection with caramel, vanilla, nutmeg and orange zest.

Forget everything you think you know about rum. Once you’ve tried our premium spiced rum you’ll discover a whole new world of flavour. 

Here at Rockfall Rum we don’t just make spiced rum, we give you a taste experience unlike any other. Our premium spiced rum is beautifully and delicately infused with caramel and vanilla, making it very easy to enjoy.

We use only the highest quality botanical ingredients ensuring a distinctively smooth experience with every bottle, for a spiced rum so enjoyable it can be served just with ice. Plus, we handcraft our rum in bespoke copper stills to ensure the flavours remain beautifully natural and pure. 

Each bottle of our smooth spiced rum is created to provide you with what we call a Rockfall Moment. Whether it is cocktails on summer days with your friends, or sitting inside by a roaring fire with a glass of smooth rum through the winter nights.