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  • Salcombe Voyager Series Phantom Limited Edition
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Salcombe Voyager Series Phantom Limited Edition

Salcombe Distillery

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Named ‘Phantom’ after a Salcombe Fruiter, built in Salcombe in 1867, and inspired by her cargo of the finest fruits, spices and wines; this limited-edition cask finished gin has been developed in collaboration with the iconic Château Climens, one of the world’s finest producers of Sauternes wine.

‘Phantom’ pays tribute to the exceptional aroma and flavour profile found in the wines from Château Climens. The gin tells the story of the vineyard, the winemaker, the cask, the distiller, and the concept of terroir. ‘Phantom’ takes you on a journey to an unhurried world where time, precision, patience and craftmanship are expertly pursued in the name of taste.

The famous Barsac fogs that descend over Château Climens’ estate create the perfect climatic conditions that lead to the magic of noble rot, an element that is vital in creating the richness and complexity in the wines that ‘Phantom’ captures, resting gently in French oak casks, emerging from the mists of time for your enjoyment.

Limited to 3,500 bottles. 50cl, 46% ABV.