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Snaffling Pig - Swigs n Snaffle Set

The Snaffling Pig

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This is Swigs & Snaffles.

The first half of this swinamic duo consists of our 3 cans of beer, each brewed to the same piggin' high standards that we demand of our snacks:

    • MIGHTY SWINE LAGER PILSNER-STYLE - Brewed using 100% British ingredients, this pilsner-style lager is crisp, clean and utterly refreshing (ALC. 4.5%).
    • TWISTED TAIL PALE ALE - Tropical, citrusy, easy-drinking pale ale. Light copper in colour and a perfectly balanced bittersweet flavour (ALC. 4.5%).
    • WILD HOG PILSNER - Inspired by Czech classic with a British twist. This Pilsner has a crisp, dry flavour and a woody bitterness (ALC. 4.9%).

And right by their side, you'll find 3 snaffle packs of our awesome flavoured pork crackling, ready to serenade you with 'You've lost that loving feeling' in a fictional 1980s bar somewhere near a naval base in San Diego (metaphorically of course... these bad boys couldn't carry a note in a bucket. Neither can the fly fighter jets, FYI).

    • Perfectly Salted pork crackling (18g)
    • Marvellous Maple pork crackling (18g)
    • Low & Slow BBQ pork crackling (18g)

These aren't for piglets. You must be 18 years old to purchase.