Tastes of Britain Magnificent 7 Luxury Cheese Board Selection
Tastes of Britain

Tastes of Britain Magnificent 7 Luxury Cheese Board Selection

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A specially selected range freshly prepared from our Gourmet Delicatessen:

Cheese 1: Godminster Truffle Firm (Cow) The wonderful umami and aroma of the truffle with the smooth creaminess of Godminster’s distinctive Vintage Organic Cheddar combine to create a truly memorable cheese that will be sought after by foodies and chefs alike.  An elegant addition to any cheeseboard, Vegetarian

Cheese 2: English Pecorino Firm (Sheep). Matured for 5 months, a semi-hard ewes’ cheese with a deep well-rounded nutty flavour and a hint of caramel. Crowned 2019 Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards. Vegetarian, unpasteurised.

Cheese 3: Caerphilly - Crumbly (Cow). Caerphilly cheese is a mould-ripened, aged cow’s milk cheese, taking its name from  from a small town in the South of Wales. Mild, Crumbly, with citrus notes, a great addition to any cheese selection. Not Vegetarian 

Cheese 4: Baron Bigod - Brie Style (Cow). Using an authentic French recipe, Baron Bigod is the UK’s only traditional raw milk Brie-de-Meaux style cheese. Produced with raw milk from Fen Farm’s herd of Montbeliarde cows and aged for up to eight weeks, the result is an exceptional cheese and a welcomed addition to the UK Artisan cheese family. Baron Bigod is recognised for its complex, earthy, mushroomy flavours, and its unique characteristics are influenced by the rich variety of grasses and herbs that grow on the grazing land surrounding Fen Farm. Not Vegetarian

Cheese 5: Sparkenhoe Blue - Blue (Cow).  A unique British cheese, mellow, rich and buttery with savoury notes from the meandering blue veins. Non-Vegetarian

Cheese 6: Oxford ISISSoft (Cow).  Oxford Isis is a sticky, strong washed-rind cheese made in Oxfordshire. Named after an alternative name for the River Thames where it flows from the Cotswalds to Oxfordshire, Oxford Isis is washed regularly in honey mead, which gives it a sticky rind and pungent aroma.. Vegetarian

Cheese 7: Vintage CheddarHard (Cow).  A quality vintage cheddar direct from our deli counter. Vegetarian

Cheese board for 2 = 280g approx total

Cheese board for 4 = 560g approx total

Cheese board for 6 = 840g approx total

Cheese board for 8 = 1.1Kg approx total

Cheese board for 10 =1.4Kg approx total)

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This item is suitable for local delivery or Click & Collect only.

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