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Titanic 3 X 500ml Bottle Beer Gift Box

Titanic Brewery

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White Star is our strong, golden ale with a uniquely crisp taste and aroma created in part by adding Summit hops late in the fermenting process. TASTING NOTE: A distinctive crisp and hoppy gold beer with fruit tastes on the palate and scent

Plum Porter is our infamous, strong, dark porter that has re-defined the sector. By combining the sweetness of plums with the hoppy flavour of a porter we have bagged a winner. TASTING NOTE: A well-rounded porter with fruity, sweet notes over a backdrop of hoppy flavour.

Iceberg is our iconic pale ale brewed with US hop varieties. We first brewed it way back in the nineties way before anyone had ever heard of American style pale ales. TASTING NOTE: A clean-cut pale with a powerful hoppy finish and strong citrus aromas with hints of grapefruit.