NV Xeco Amontillado Sherry

NV Xeco Amontillado Sherry

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Tasting Note: Rich and satisfying Amontillado sherry, packed with toasted walnuts and spice, with a curl of orange on the tongue.

Food Matching: Ideal with Iberico ham, aged Manchego, sautéed mushrooms or braised rabbit.

Vineyard: Grown in the sunny and dry vineyards of Jerez. The soil is Albarizo. Palomino grape produces a dry, fairly neutral base wine, which is perfect for the fortification to 15% abv followed by a second fortification to 18% abv.

Vinification: Once fortified to 15% abv the wine is aged in 500 litre American Oak barrels for three years. A layer of yeast 'flor' remains on the surface facilitating biological ageing. Then the second fortification to 18% abv kills the flor allowing a second period of ageing. This time the ageing is oxidative & lasts for over 4 years, resulting in exceptional nutty, raison & dried fruit notes in the wine.

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